Who or what is fafa21.com

    fafa21.com is our test site. Before going live with happymuttz.co.uk we set up a test site to make sure all the technical stuff was working ie images were in the right place & right size, videos were working, the navigation worked etc.. We also checked out the colour scheme, the layout and ease of use for our customers. Your pet's happiness is our main concern but it doesn't mean we forget about their owners. Here at happymuttz we consider pet & owner in all aspects of what we do.

  • Q.1 Does fafa21.com record IP addresses for marketing purposes?
  • Answer: fafa21.com holds no information, it is a test site only & redirects you straight to the official happymuttz site.
  • Q.2 If fafa21.com is really a test site why does it still show up on search engines?
  • Answer: When we first started happymuttz website we wanted it to be perfect and this took us nearly three months to complete, during this time fafa21.com was always live on the net and Google & other search engines scanned & ranked fafa21.com
  • Q.3 Why not just remove fafa21.com from the internet?
  • Answer: We still use fafa21.com for any updates to happymuttz.co.uk and to try new layouts. We try to deliver the best experience to our customers and that includes using our website. If we can make it better without disrupting our users then we will.

Happy muttz is a pet service for Westerhope & and surrounding areas
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi.